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What is CRM?

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In recent years, the word of CRM can be seen everywhere on the Internet. What exactly is CRM?

CRM is the shortening of Customer Relationship Management. In brief, CRM is a continuous process to strengthen communication with customer, to understand customer' requirement, and to satisfy customers' need by bettering and improving product and service. What CRM treasures is the intercourse with customer, because the management of any enterprise, instead of traditionally focusing on product or markets, takes customer as the center. For the sake of customer's convenient intercommunication, CRM can provide various ways of communication for customers.

In deed, without the support of CRM system, the customer relationship can also be managed, while with it the management is much better! Customer is our resources. To manage well their relationship is to make them our fortune. If by now you still remain the LGD ( Lunch, Golf, Dinner) customer management pattern while your rival has been silently moving your cheese by combining traditional means( such as social interaction, emotional devotion and so on) with the advanced customer management system, it is time that you should make improvement.

General CRM customer relationship management system pursues various functions, making customer's operation complicated and difficult. But the free CRM system is a simple, practical and free software, which means it is free of charge and registration, with no restriction on function and on time limit. The installation document is very small ( about 550 KB), including the function to unload (if after installation you don't want to use it any more you can unload it easily). Therefore, even a computer beginner can quickly operate it expertly.

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